Radical change calls
for even more
radical collaboration

The transformation underway in the automotive industry is complex and expensive. Supply chains are cumbersome and increasingly fragile. Regulations abound. No one can face these challenges alone and hope to survive.

What radical
collaboration means

We have the technology to solve our toughest problems together. But we need everyone along the value chain to participate and collaboratively create the solutions we all need.

That’s why Catena-X was formed: an open data ecosystem for the automotive industry designed to create data chains that will enhance your value chain. But you have to participate to make it work.

Let's get radical.

Trust, certified

Everything we do at Catena-X is guided by the principles of interoperability and data sovereignty. And all the components, including you, have to prove that they comply with these principles. So you have to get certified.

Discover the process

Who are you and how can you contribute?

At Catena-X, there is more than one way you can participate and contribute. We’ve customized the information so you can choose what role(s) fit you best.

Zertifizieren und Vertrauen schaffen

Bei Catena-X setzen wir auf die Prinzipien der Interoperabilität und Datensouveränität. Dabei ist es wichtig, dass alle Beteiligten – auch Sie – diese Grundsätze nachweislich einhalten. Genau das erreichen Sie mit einer Zertifizierung.

Mehr zum Zertifizierungsprozess

CATENA-X is not affiliated or linked with Romanian pharmaceutical company Farmaceutica Argesfarm S.A. If you wish to visit their website, see www.catena.ro