First Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days

Join the First Eclipse Tractus-X Community Days and help empower the Catena-X Data Space while networking within the Developer Community.

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Tractus-X Release 23.09 available now

We are pleased to announce the release of Tractus-X 23.09!

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How large is the global supplier market?

A new whitepaper by Dun & Bradstreet and Catena-X analyses the global automotive and supplier industry.

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New Governance Framework for Data Space Operations

Catena-X Releases Governance Framework for Traceability Use Case during Beta Phase.

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HMI 2023: Robert Habeck supports Catena-X

This year's Hannover Messe had a clear focus on promoting a competitive industry through digitization and CO2 neutrality. It was a resounding success for Catena-X.

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Why Catena-X?

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Our Vision

Catena-X is the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry of the future, linking global players into end-to-end value chains - as simply, securely and independently as never before. The shared goal: a standardized global data exchange based on European values. The claim is data sovereignty. Participation is rewarded with above-average resilience, innovative strength and earnings opportunities. And Catena-X is open! Other industries and ecosystems can be integrated at any time.  

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The added value of Catena-X

New business opportunities and profitability - from SMEs to large corporations: Catena-X improves the competitiveness of all participating companies. We enable and implement use cases for digital, end-to-end supply chains with secure, sovereign and standardised data exchange. Your participation in Catena-X will be rewarded: You will gain above-average resilience, innovative strength and new revenue opportunities. And Catena-X is an open system! Other industries and ecosystems can be integrated at any time. Find out what you can expect from Catena-X in our standard presentation

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Join Catena-X!

Catena-X is on its way to establishing the first globally active network for the automotive industry. You can be part of it: as a user, as an application provider, as a developer, as an operating company or as an active member. There are many ways to get involved. As a member you will have easy access. 

Create the ecosystem together with us!

Robert Habeck supports Catena-X

Video Message by Dr. Robert Habeck

„Catena-X is the industrial policy lighthouse project for the digitalization of supply chains.“

Dr. Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, supports the data ecosystem Catena-X as a pioneer for transformative solutions to face current challenges. In the video, he puts the mission of Catena-X straight to the point: Enabling the digital flow of information across the entire automotive value chain.

Selected voices of our members

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Oliver Zipse - Chairman of the Board BMW AG

"With Catena-X, we want to connect companies across industries. An end-to-end data networking from small and medium-sized enterprises to OEMs will help to make important progress in the sustainability of our products and the resilience of our supply chains."

Christian Klein - Chief Executive Officer SAP SE

“To achieve sustainable and efficient processes in the automotive industry, data and information must be exchanged in a secure and reliable way along the entire value chain. This needs common standards. We are delighted to help build Catena-X as a pioneer and technology partner. The cloud-based data ecosystem is open to all companies in the European automotive industry and their global partners, users and suppliers." 

Ola Källenius - Chairman of the Board of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG

“With Catena-X, the automotive industry is taking another big step in its digital transformation. The aim is to achieve secure data transfer between companies to enhance efficiency, transparency and sustainability along the entire value chain. The integration of small and medium-sized enterprises also strengthens innovative power and digitalization of our industry. Together we have the chance to take a leading position in technology and innovation for Germany and Europe. And that’s exactly what we do now.” 

Timotheus Höttges - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG

"As a technology partner, we stand for a secure data ecosystem. Open to all companies in the European automotive industry, their global partners, users and suppliers. A network that stands for data sovereignty with simultaneous supplier and technology openness." 

Oliver Blume – Member of the Board of Volkswagen AG and CEO of Porsche AG

“The auto industry is shaping the digital transformation. Data is the driving force, ensuring greater efficiency and sustainability. Constantly connected data chains are helping to further enhance our productivity – from the supplier all the way up to the manufacturer. At the same time, supply chains are becoming more transparent. Uniform standards and common principles are crucial here for realizing the full potential of data networks. Catena-X provides the basis for this.” 

Dr. Holger Klein – CEO of ZF Group

“We want to further digitize the value chain in the vehicle industry and make cross-industry networking more efficient. To do this, we need a secure and trustworthy data infrastructure. Catena-X offers us this and enables the transformation in many business areas as we realize a safe, clean and available mobility for everyone." 

Dr. Roland Busch - Chief Executive Officer Siemens AG

„Through digitalization, we can make our economy more productive, efficient and sustainable. To do this, we need to connect companies with each other along the entire value chain. With Catena-X, we are developing the necessary standards and technologies for this in the European automotive industry. This is a crucial step toward leveraging the opportunities of digitalization in this industry – and it can serve as a role model for other sectors as well.“ 

Dr. Markus Heyn - Member of the Board of Robert Bosch GmbH

„We are collaborating in the Catena-X network with the aim of pooling expertise to enable secure, cross-company data exchange among all members of the automotive supply chain – an important building block for the success of new digital services and their related ecosystems. Germany and Europe can thus jointly play a pioneering role in enabling the data sovereignty und technological neutrality of an entire industry.” 

Core Assets and Services

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The Heart of Catena-X

As the central communication component of the Catena-X architecture, the Eclipse Data Space Connector (EDC) is the connection for sovereign, cross-organizational data exchange. The claim is: Whoever makes data available retains control and decides individually who is involved in the data exchange, how, when, and where. 

The guiding principles in the development of the EDC are independence, simplicity, and the preservation of a small and efficient core. The functionality required for this is bundled in the open-source project "Eclipse Dataspace Connectors", to which the Catena-X partners contribute. 


The Face of Catena-X

The core service of our network is the Catena-X Portal. It opens the gates to the data ecosystem of the automotive industry for participants. Sovereignty and standardization are the foundation for our trustworthy platform. Different partners of the value chain meet on this platform and create added value for the entire industry. 

Whether automotive manufacturer, SME or IT provider - the portal offers every company in the automotive value chain, regardless of its size, central access to Catena-X.


Who is Catena-X

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The association Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. bundles the activities related to the development, promotion and maintenance of common bases and standards for the data ecosystem. The association coordinates the development work as far as possible and tries to initiate corresponding initiatives.

Development Environment

28 members of the consortium from research and industry with the common vision of a secure and sovereign data ecosystem for all: they are jointly developing technological bases along ten use cases in the Catena-X "workbench".

Operating Environment

The operation of the Catena-X network is currently being implemented by operating companies. The operating companies play an important role in the ecosystem, as they, with their services and offerings, ensure the sustainable use of the results of Catena-X.

CATENA-X is not affiliated or linked with Romanian pharmaceutical company Farmaceutica Argesfarm S.A. If you wish to visit their website, see