Qualified consultants for your Catena-X implementation

Qualified consultants for your Catena-X implementation

Catena-X aims to be the most user-friendly environment for the construction, operation and collaboration of end-to-end data chains. It should be made as easy and economical as possible for new participants to get started. For this reason, the Catena-X association has developed various aids such as a standardized onboarding process.

Ideally, interested companies can perform the onboarding as a self-service. However, to meet the different needs and maturity levels of the companies, help can be sought from qualified consulting companies.

These consulting services can include initial information and assistance with decision-making, up to the complete execution of onboarding and integration into the user company’s backend system.

To help interested companies quickly find a suitable consulting partner, Catena-X maintains a list of prequalified consulting firms. These consulting companies can demonstrate relevant experience with Catena-X or have already undergone corresponding qualification measures.

Detailed information on the offers for Catena-X consulting services can be found, among other places, on the relevant marketplaces of the Operating Companies or on the websites of the providers. The respective consulting companies are solely responsible. Contact with the consulting provider is made directly through the provider’s contact information.

The Catena-X family invites consulting and service companies of all kinds to support the successful onboarding of SMEs in particular. One of the few prerequisites is the firm commitment to providing high-quality consulting at fair and reasonable costs. Catena-X supports this commitment with information and predefined content as well as a qualification system to prove appropriate support and consulting competencies. Please communicate your request in writing to the following email address onboardingcommittee[@]catena-x[.]net. Interested companies will find more information here.


Last revision: 28-04-23


Matthias Lorbach

Matthias Lorbach

Lead of the Onboarding Committee

Johannes Chatzis

Co-Lead of the Onboarding Committee

Consulting Qualification Process