What’s in it for you

The Catena-X vision is to connect the automotive industry via one global data space to solve industry problems, together.

From ego to ecosystem!
We’re constantly developing new use cases and services. Our wide range of offers is designed to bring the automotive industry to a new level of digitalization and collaboration – and provide you with suitable solutions.

What do you need?

We are at the forefront of innovation as we launch our first offering, focusing on vital aspects such as product carbon footprint tracking, battery & product passports, resilient supply chains, traceability of parts, circularity, and master data management. Together, we will lower costs, boost adoption, and unlock unparalleled business value compared to stand-alone solutions.

You can choose from our use cases & solutions and select those that are most suitable to help you solve your most pressing issues(s).

Take advantage of our use cases
Five steps to gain value across the Catena-X journey

Catena-X offers you an individual transformation journey. The Catena-X customer journey comes to life with KITs. KITs offer a dedicated set of tools to empower and stimulate interoperable solutions for each step of the customer journey. KITs are the basis of the Catena-X value creation for all participants through use case-based apps and services to optimize your business processes end to end.

Step 1


Inform yourself & make the decision to take part

Step 2


Connect your company & teams to the Catena-X data space

Step 3


Boost your data readiness and governance

Step 4


Adopt a data driven business process and create instant value

Step 5


Utilize the full power of collaboration in your teams

What holds it all together

To access the Catena-X data space, a participant needs standardized connectivity methods to ensure interoperability, trust, and a compliant use of common interaction patterns.

That’s why our Enablement Services combine the aspects of identity management, data exchange via a connector, and access to compatible digital twins. Enablement Services must be deployed in a decentralized manner under the responsibility of each data space participant to ensure a trusted identity and sovereign data exchange.

Take a look if you would like to learn more about our Enablement Services!

Standardization and Interoperability with maximum efficiency