Catena-X Standards: Release 3.1 with new Use Case

Release 3.1 adds an additional use case to the Catena-X ecosystem and refines existing standards in terms of user-friendliness and applicability.

With Release 3.1, Catena-X experts have made a major contribution to the further development of the Catena-X data ecosystem. A highlight of the release is the new use case Demand & Capacity Management, which maps demand planning in companies and the planning of orders in the data room. App providers can use the standards to create individual, yet interoperable solutions with little effort. Companies that want to use corresponding solutions - especially SMEs - can simply adopt the process of demand and capacity management in the future without having to laboriously build up their own competences and solutions.


We have also worked on user-friendliness: In future, standards can be assigned more specifically to individual use cases. In addition, we have further developed nine existing standards from the areas of semantics (CX-0002, CX-0003, CX-0044), data chains (CX-0005, CX-0045), traceability (CX-0019, CX-0023), sustainability (CX-0028) and circular economy (CX-0031). In addition to existing expertise, it was possible to draw on concrete feedback from the association's members. The range of standards was also expanded in the areas of semantics, traceability and circular economy with a total of six new standards. In addition, seven new standards were added in the areas of Onboarding, Live Quality Loops and Behavioural Twin.

You can find our current standard library here.   


At the same time, we are celebrating the first certifications and are looking forward to future certificates within the beta phase.

With regard to the certifications, our experts have also worked hard and have been able to completely update the modular certification system in the last few weeks. By adapting the modular system, the process of each certification is now even more targeted. Among other things, the complete coverage of the data provider certification could be achieved by using a Catena-X certified EDC as a Service.

Last updated:: 10/14/2023