What we do

There are lots of reasons why participating and contributing to Catena-X is good for you and your business. All of them add up to providing stronger competitive advantage.

We are creating the first data-driven value chain.

You benefit from the creation of end-to-end value chains that enable new use cases.

We provide uniform and legally-secured operating frameworks.

You benefit from our holistic frameworks that follow the highest standards of legal conduct.

We understand the biggest problems facing the automobile industry and we know how to solve them.

You benefit from our tools that help you become more sustainable, make your value chain more resilient, and increase the quality of your products.

We offer an integrated solution approach.

You benefit from our solution that integrates business, technology, and legal topics.

We are based on radical collaboration across the globe and all automotive value chain partners.

You benefit from best practice and data sharing from all kinds of automotive players – big and small – including consulting and software companies and data space initiatives – in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

We build on the core of our industry: digital identities, unique parts relationships, and trusted business partners.

You benefit from your unique digital identity that enables the creation of unique parts relationships and relationships with your trusted business partners.

We guarantee sovereignty on all levels – for data, services, identity, and operations.

You benefit by maintaining control of your data, and choosing the apps that are right for your needs.

We rely on open-source collaboration and software development.

You benefit from transparent open-source development of business relevant KITs and tested releases.

We rely on trusted and credible principles and partners as the foundation of Catena-X.

You benefit from our strategic partnerships that ensure a reliable and trustworthy data space that scales beyond the automotive value chain.

We build all our use cases on the same foundation.

You benefit from synergies that equal BIZDEVOPS savings for your business, as adoption becomes easier and cheaper with each additional use case.

We cover the whole customer journey of your company.

You benefit from a digital readiness boost from our services and offers.

We have mastered the art of fostering radical collaboration.

You benefit from our balanced ecosystem that relies on balanced power with an association that secures strong governance, a development area based on open-source, and a diverse operating environment that enables value creation for all companies.