Our Strengths at a Glance

As the Catena-X Automotive Network, we pursue the goal of creating a platform for all contributors in the automotive value chain. Together, we address challenges such as resilience, sustainability and geopolitics. We set ourselves the task of creating end-to-end data chains and connecting SMEs to our network.

We improve competitiveness for the companies involved. How?

10 Use Cases

To illustrate the realisation of these added values, we have developed a total of 10 initial use cases that cover a wide range of topics. From topics such as sustainability to traceability, numerous current issues in the automotive industry are addressed. What all use cases have in common is the approach of solving the challenges no longer as an individual company, but with the help of the entire value chain. Some use cases even go one step further and consider the entire life cycle. For example, tracing a vehicle long after it has been delivered can open up value creation potential.

The existing use cases are classified in the following figure. In the future, more details about the use cases will follow. So take a look again.


Catena-X develops standards and methods for saving carbon dioxide. Software apps and a set of rules help improve carbon dioxide levels across vehicle manufacturing and the supply chain.




We extend traceability to the entire automotive value chain. In the future, hardware and software inputs will be traceable from production to recycling. 


Circular economy

Catena-X develops a digital map of the circular economy in the automotive industry - together with more than 2,000 partners and across all levels of the value chain.


Manufacturing as a service

Manufacturing  as a service - in the Catena-X data ecosystem, prospective customers, suppliers and on-demand manufacturing platforms can be found for profitable interaction. 


Business partner data mgmt

Redundant data storage and maintenance lead to high capacity, system and integration costs for all partners involved. In view of growing legal, social or other requirements, additional expenses are constantly being incurred in business partner data management.



Modular production

Increased flexibility and availability of production through optimized planning and rapid reconfiguration with and within the value network.



Online Control and Simulation

Catena-X wants to stabilise manufacturing and delivery processes and so ensure greater efficiency for everyone involved with the aid of predictive online control and simulation.



Demand and capacity management

Secure exchange of demand and capacity data as well as collaboration of all partners involved in the automotive network: from raw material supplier to n-tier supplier to automotive manufacturer. 


Digital Behavior Twins

The application of an end-to-end architecture for product models describing behavior (Digital Behavior Twins) consisting of reusable and common functional building blocks in Catena-X enables a variety of new digital services.



Last revision: 18-11-22

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Catena-X Automotive Network Consortium Project
supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.
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