Catena-X e. V. starts certification process

By entering the beta phase, the Catena-X association is starting the certification process. This process provides service and app providers with the required certificate to access the Catena-X data space.

Catena-X is launching the Beta Operations Phase of their data space, which is compliant with Gaia-X, during the Hannover Fair. This marks the first time that federated industry data has been collaboratively created and framed using a systematic approach, encompassing three pillars: development environment, governance, and operating environment. These pillars are now available, synchronized, and ready for use by adopters and outfitters in the automotive industry.

Simultaneously with the launch of the certification process, Catena-X is targeting service and app providers who aim to offer their solutions. Only solutions that comply with Catena standards are eligible for certification, and access to the extensive and worldwide Catena-X data space is restricted solely to certified solutions.  

The Catena-X association releases standards that promote interoperability, data sovereignty, and trust among all data space participants. To establish a shared and reliable basis for collaboration, all participants in the data space are required to comply with these standards, which serve as the foundation for ensuring that technologies, components, and processes are developed and operated according to uniform regulations. Our standard library is available here for reference. With the certification process Catena-X ensures that the standards are met. By certifying service and software providers, the association further ensures transparency and creates trust in the ecosystem. For example, certification attests that a software component is interoperable and secure for use in the Catena-X data space.  

By implementing the certification process, Catena-X guarantees that the established standards are being met. The association also creates transparency and fosters trust within the ecosystem by certifying service and software providers. For instance, certification serves as proof that a software component is both secure and interoperable for use in the Catena-X data space. 

For all service and software providers who are interested in certification, please click here. In order to broaden our range of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB), the association is seeking additional certification partners to confirm the conformity of software, services, and processes on behalf of Catena-X. 

Catena-X is currently in the beta phase, which will run from now until September 2023, during which time trial operation will take place. This phase will also see the practical application of standards, which means that certification will be incorporated into the beta phase. As part of this phase, a systematic onboarding of all partners for certification will be conducted, while a process review will be carried out concurrently to pinpoint any potential weaknesses. The ultimate aim is to establish a sturdy process that can be utilized by anyone who intends to join the Catena-X ecosystem by the end of the beta phase. 

Last updated:: 10/14/2023