How is Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. organized?

Our Management Board ...

…...consists of twelve high ranking executives who represent the diverse perspectives of the automotive value chain. They carry out activities within the Association on a voluntary basis with a will to actively shape the Association and a high level of time commitment. The Board is chaired by Oliver Ganser.

Within the association, the Management Board is responsible for... 

  • managing the day-to-day operations and ongoing strategic initiatives and workstreams of the association. 

  • organizing General Assemblies and carrying out their resolutions 

  • prepare a yearly budget plan and manage the finances 

  • enroll new members 

  • to assign a Chief Executive Officer and establish a Management Office

  • to appoint half of the Advisory Board members every five years 

  • to mediate in the event of disagreements 

Oliver Ganser - Chairman of the Board

Program Manager Data Driven Value Chain


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Otto - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Executive Director

Fraunhofer ISST

Aimé-Frédéric Rosenzweig

Expert Leader Supply Chain

Martin Galas

Managing Director

Claus Cremers - Treasurer

Director Automotive Ecosystems 
Siemens AG 

Hagen Heubach

Global Vice President
Industry Business Unit Automotive

Jean-Baptiste Burtscher

Group External Affairs Sustainable Development and R&D Partnerships Director

Jeffrey Thomas Schlageter

General Manager Global Manufacturing and Energy Industries

Thomas Rösch

ZF Group

Luise Müller-Hofstede

Director Business Development & Strategic Partnership
Circulor Ltd.

Dr. Karin Pennemann

Robert Bosch GmbH

Rouven Rüdenauer

Director IT Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations

Mercedes-Benz AG 

How is the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. organised?

Our Association Office ...

Our Association Office ...

… consists of a rapidly growing team, which is responsible for membership recruitment, internationalization, the presence of Catena-X in the public, as well as the optimization of administrative processes.

The corporate office is mainly responsible for the following tasks: 

  • The office is mainly responsible for the following tasks. 
  • To manage the daily business of the association 
  • Optimize the presence of Catena-X in public 
  • Member administration & staff support 
  • Coordination of the workflows.


Anja Misselbeck

Managing Director - Membership, Transfer & Office Management

Hanno Focken

Managing Director - Operations & Governance

Michael Hahn

Managing Director - Value Creation & Technology

Dr. Carina Gliese

Transfer Manager - Collaborations & Ecosystem

Jan Kronschnabel

Association Operations Manager

Johann Schütz

Senior Expert Standardization

Stan Faldin

Sustainability Business Domain Manager

Steffen Moser

Community Manager

Stephan Bauer

Platform Domain Manager

The Advisory Council...

... consists of seven members who advise the Management Board on strategic issues. The Advisory Council includes experts from politics, science and institutions in the automotive sector. All of them have a special affinity and expertise in the automotive sector.

The Advisory Council supports the Management Board primarily ...

  • to conncet with a wide network in the political, social and scientific community 

  • to plan and initiate collaborations with potential partner organizations

  • to monitor new research results and to discuss the latest state of open technology development

  • to multiply the results from the association into the industry-relevant committees and institutions

The current members of the Advisory Council are


Dr. Marcus Bollig I Beiratsvorsitzender
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)V

Eric Lambert 

Ernst Stöckl-Pukall
Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Germany

Dieter Meuser
GEC- German Edge Cloud GmbH & Co.KG

Nik Scharmann 
Robert Bosch GmbH 

Shi Hao 
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dianjun Fang
Tongji University


Our Committees ...

... are appointed by the Management Board and permanently oversee specific processes that become necessary for the coordination, implementation and standardization of a data ecosystem. Their members are changed at regular intervals.

Ensuring that the architecture blueprints effectively translate the Catena-X strategy and business objectives into a technical implementation.

Govern, maintain, and continuously update the Catena-X Operating Model, as well as all relevant subtopics as defined in the current chapters of the Catena-X Operating Model Whitepaper.

Refine the objectives and KIT related to the Industry Core to foster a productive use of the current standards and principles in the supply network.

Initiate new hubs and support their roll-out in the respective countries.

Further develop a common vision, strategy, business and technical roadmap for the shared network services in the Catena-X data space with Association members and external stakeholders.

Develop strategies to onboard service partners (set up a handbook, create certification criteria) and SMEs (tools for self-onboarding, platforms within the SME community).

Define a common vision, strategy, business and technical roadmap (e.g., standards and KITs) for the overall sustainability domain.

Define a common vision, strategy, business and technical roadmap within the fields of quality and resiliency.

Assure quality for semantic models before their formal standardization as a Catena-X and ultimately, as an IDTA submodel template.

Manage the standardization process mandatory for the Catena-X data ecosystem and check standard candidates.

Key Regulations of the Association

Please find here our Articles of association, IP regulations and contribution regulations

Our Organisational Structure

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