How is Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. organized?

Our Management Board ...

…...consists of nine high ranking executives who represent the diverse perspectives of the automotive value chain. They carry out activities within the Association on a voluntary basis with a will to actively shape the Association and a high level of time commitment. The Board is currently chaired by Oliver Ganser.

Within the association, the Management Board is responsible for... 

  • managing the day-to-day operations and ongoing strategic initiatives and workstreams of the association. 

  • organizing General Assemblies and carrying out their resolutions 

  • prepare a yearly budget plan and manage the finances 

  • enroll new members 

  • to assign a Chief Executive Officer and establish a Management Office

  • to appoint half of the Advisory Board members every five years 

  • to mediate in the event of disagreements 

Dr. Jürgen Sturm

ZF Group

Frank Göller

Head of Digital Production
Volkswagen AG

Dr. Inga von Bibra

CIO Mercedes-Benz Research & Development
Mercedes-Benz AG

Steve Schindler-Le Huray

Director Strategic Partnerships and Partner Management
Robert Bosch GmbH

Claus Cremers - Treasurer

Director Automotive Ecosystems 
Siemens AG 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Otto - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Geschäftsführender Institutsleiter

Fraunhofer ISST

Dr. Matthias Dohrn

Senior Vice President
Precious and Base Metal Services
BASF Corporation

Hagen Heubach

Global Vice President
Industry Business Unit Automotive

Oliver Ganser - Chairman of the Board

Programmleiter Data Driven Value Chain


The Advisory Council...

... consists of six members who advise the Management Board on strategic issues. The Advisory Council includes personalities from politics, science and institutions in the automotive sector. All of them have a special affinity and expertise in the automotive sector.

The Advisory Council supports the Management Board primarily ...

  • to conncet with a wide network in the political, social and scientific community 

  • to plan and initiate collaborations with potential partner organizations

  • to monitor new research results and to discuss the latest state of open technology development

  • to multiply the results from the association into the industry-relevant committees and institutions

The current members of the Advisory Council are

Dr. Marcus Bollig I Chair of the Advisory Council
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)

Oliver Spielvogel I Vice Chair of the Advisory Council
T-Systems International GmbH

Nik Scharmann
Robert Bosch GmbH

Ernst Stöckl-Pukall
Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Germany

Dieter Meuser
GEC- German Edge Cloud GmbH & Co.KG

Achim Berg
Bitkom e.V.


Our Working Groups...

...are appointed by the Management Board to address specific issues in the implementation and standardization of a data ecosystem. They are commissioned with a specific work assignment for a limited period of time.  

Currently, the Catena-X Automotive Network has the following working groups: 

  • Develops the framework along which consulting institutions can provide onboarding services to companies
  • prototypes a model of a battery passport for the Catena-X data ecosystem
  • links Catena-X with other relevant initiatives that are developing use cases as well as use rules for a battery passport.
  • develops the processes as well as the framework to certify the operating companies as well as the business solutions
  • coordinates the commisioning of potential certification partners for the association.
  • is the first point of contact for questions on public relations
  • strategically communicates the contents of Catena-X to the various external and internal stakeholders
  • develops building blocks (KITs) that are made available to providers based on the work results of the Catena-X consortiums. This enables them to connect technically to the data ecosystem. 
  • initiates the establishment of a developer community for Catena-X.
  • draws up materials and guidelines so that the members of the association and other multipliers can pass on reliable and uniform information to their supply networks
  • develops the framework for the establishment of international hubs for the Catena-X network
  • develops an operating modell that forms the prerequisite for potential operators to provide Catena-X certified and standardized services.
  • develops a uniform methodology for recording the CO2 footprint and CO2 reporting over the course of a product life cycle 
  • initiates a stakeholder process to discuss on a uniform set of rules
  • works on issues related to the operationalization and standardization of semantic models in the Catena-X data ecosystem.

Our Committees ...

... are appointed by the Management Board and permanently oversee specific processes that become necessary for the coordination, implementation and standardization of a data ecosystem. Their members are changed at regular intervals.

  • documents, verifies and follows up on the release of standard candidates