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Circular Economy / Battery Pass

The 4 Rs are our guiding principles – rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle. Sharing your data enables the material composition of your components to be kept in the cycle. The Catena-X battery passport is a key enabler for a circular economy. To generate a battery passport, each supplier aggregates their data and provides it to their customers on request. 

The Circular Economy helps reduce supply chain risks and makes your company more resilient. It also enables your company to cut down on energy and resource consumption. Catena-X's Circular Economy solutions offer new business models that your company can take advantage of. 

Battery Pass Customer Journey

Watch our video on how the battery passport works and how companies can benefit from it. 

Testimonial Video

Check out our first partners in the cycle.  




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Philipp  Leschinski

Philipp Leschinski

Product Owner