Unlocking Potential: Touch Down in the US

The promising Catena-X pre-launch Event in Austin, Texas brought together a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration between North American and European partners. With a sincere desire in the US to embark on the Catena-X journey in North America, participants engaged in fruitful discussions on key topics. The event showcased the Sustainability Portfolio of Catena-X, emphasized the importance of the Open Source Core - Catena-X KITs - and explored the utilization of the Catena-X network through real-world examples. We had exciting conversations unfolded around establishing a Catena-X hub for North America, igniting the enthusiasm for shaping the future of the network in this region. Trust and interoperability were central themes, highlighting the importance of these factors in the Catena-X ecosystem.  

Building a Global Data Space: Designed for Industry Needs  

At Catena-X, we believe in building a global data ecosystem designed by industry experts for industry needs. Our scalable and interoperable solutions address the most critical challenges in supply chain management, including sustainability, resilience, and material traceability. By joining forces, we create a digital replica of the entire end-to-end value chain, empowering businesses to optimize processes without compromising data sovereignty.  

We are the forefront of innovation as we launch our first offering, focusing on vital aspects such as Product Carbon Footprint Tracking, Battery & Product Passports, Resilient Supply Chains, Traceability of parts, Circularity, and Master Data Management. Together, we will lower costs, boost adoption, and unlock unparalleled business value compared to standalone solutions.  

Redaktionsstand: 24.07.2023

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