Catena-X Hubs: A network of regional contact points

What are Catena-X Hubs?

Catena-X Hubs are the central points of contact for interested organizations within their respective local ecosystems. A Hub may be viewed as a local embassy, representing the Catena-X Association locally. It connects companies, key stakeholders and use-cases from the national level to support the expansion of the Catena-X global network. 

Each Hub will represent the Catena-X Association locally and will work towards a common goal of enabling a data-driven automotive value chain. Therefore, any organization or company that is a direct or indirect player in the automotive industry and has a vested interest in enabling and optimizing data exchange along the automotive value chain is welcome to join a local Hub. 

What do Hubs do?

  • Connect: Hubs connect and develop the local ecosystem and enable an easy and trusted access to the various local stakeholders across the automotive value chain. 
  • Orchestrate: Hubs create synergies, consolidate relevant initiatives and develop a product portfolio relevant to the local industrial community. 
  • Scale: Hubs bring local solutions and use cases towards the Catena-X international network. 
  • Coordinate: Hubs ensure alignment and transparency of different and individual efforts across a global network of Hubs. 
  • Localize: Hubs work closely with the Association to define local requirements, relevant regulations and policies to create a high level of trust and strong branding. 

Why should you join a Hub?

  • You can contribute to a thriving, secure, industrialized data ecosystem. 
  • You'll have early access to market trends and local use cases, giving you first-hand knowledge of how to realize new business potential faster. 
  • You can collaborate and strengthen relationships with local experts and communities in your industry. 
  • You have easy access to essential services, applications and data solutions through the Catena-X marketplace. 

Your are interested in joining an existing Hub or setting up a new Hub

Are you interested in joining a Catena-X hub? Or you are interested in starting a new hub in your country? In any case: Get in touch with us!

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