Event Announcement for November 10th 2021

Catena-X presents an appraoch on collaborative CO2-Data aggregation at a WBCSD online event

At this year's world climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, countries are discussing the necessary CO2 reductions. At the same time companies must find ways to map CO2 emissions and reduce them in a targeted manner. The automotive sector, with its extensive supply chain, faces a particular challenge in systematically collecting the necesary information. Measures that improve transparency across the entire supply chain are therefore very welcome.

The event, hosted by the World Business Council For Sustainable Development, will bring together leading initiatives from the automotive sector including Catena-X to highlight the critical importance of common Scope 3 reporting practices for CO2 emissions. The panelists and keynote speakers will discuss the need for an interoperable digital infrastructure that enables the management of real CO2 data. At the event, Hagen Heubach and Niels Angel will give an insight into the Catena-X data ecosystem and present the Catena-X approach for CO2 data aggregation along the supply chain.

Title: Automotive Carbon Emissions: Accountability for collective Action

Language: English

Date: 10 November, 15:30 - 16:30 GMT

Link to free registration:https://events.wbcsd.org/virtual-meetings/automotive-carbon-emissions-accountability-for-collective-action/