Event Announcement for November 18th 2021

Catena-X at the Gaia-X Summit

The Catena-X Automotive Network represents one of the Gaia-X user communities and pursues the goals united in the Gaia-X sovereign data infrastructure. Gaia-X stands for a new data infrastructure generation: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem that sets a framework for sovereign data exchange according to European values. Based on the principles of Gaia-X, Catena-X offers an industry-specific data platform that takes into account the needs of the automotive supply chain. The cooperation between Catena-X and Gaia-X is running intensively. At the annual Gaia-X Summit, Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the Board, will presents Catena-X as a lighthouse project and gives an insight into the joint work process. The Summit of the Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL will take place virtually from 18-19 November 2021. 

More information and the link for free registration can be found here: https://gaia-x.eu/news/events/gaia-x-summit-2021