Press Information - November 18th 2021

Catena-X is proud to be the first Gaia-X industrial lighthouse project

+++ Catena-X: an international and cross-sectoral delivery organization +++ First services are ready for market launch in 2022 +++ The network is internationally growing +++


Catena-X and Gaia-X have joined forces. The Catena-X vision is tightly connected to the one of Gaia-X. Catena-X creates a collaborative data ecosystem along the automotive value chain enabling businesses from OEMs and small & medium enterprises in the supply chain to recycling companies - to take full advantages of a data- based economy. Gaia-X describes the minimum technical requirements to design a federated and sovereign data infrastructure that ensures trustworthy data exchange. The cooperation of Catena-X and Gaia-X builds on common values: transparency, data sovereignty, openness and trust.

The cooperation covers aspects like aligning architectures and standards, creating, testing and integrating reference data space services and harmonizing onboarding and certification services. Both associations jointly defined the requirements for data infrastructure services in a phased approach to guarantee a focused and user-centred result. The first phase was designated to intensive work on technological requirements for trust and transparency: With the architectural alignment and a joint definition of the phase 1 requirements, Catena-X operates Gaia-X compliant with the launch of the first Catena-X services by an operating company.

“We are Gaia-X ready! In an intensive joint effort of Catena-X and Gaia-X we deliver technological solutions that ensure trust and transparency. This success encourages us to proceed with Catena-X’s pioneering role to set up the first services within the collaborative data ecosystem.“
Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the Board, Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.

Catena-X is fully aligned to meet the needs of businesses. Most automotive companies already store and assess their data. Lack of solutions for data-based collaboration prevents them from creating end-to-end data chains. Connecting the stakeholders within the automotive supply chain within one coherent data space will allow them to share data based on transparent rules and reliable standards. Companies connected to the data space can reach their complete business partner network or set up new networks. Among other solutions, services for the use cases “Business Partner Data Management” and “Circular Economy” will be on the market in 2022.

The “Business Partner Data Management” use case establishes a 360-degree view of the business partner. By using external data and exchanging data within the Catena-X network, a unique business partner identity is created. The data is made accessible to the network and at the same time provides the basis for further use cases within the Catena-X data ecosystem.

The use case “Circular Economy” is the second one in the starting blocks. A data-generated image of vehicle components makes it possible to see which raw materials are used in which parts and in what quantities. The condition of the part can also be shown via dynamic data. This transparency and the marketplace integrated into the use case are crucial to closing the loop within the life cycle of these parts. A recycling company is supported in its decision whether to recycle, refurbish or reuse the component.

“With Catena-X + Gaia-X we create a cross-industry international marketplace for circular economy. That offers huge ecological and economic potentials and creates future businesses, across the entire value chain of the automotive industry.”
Marius Pohl, CEO, LRP-Autorecycling Leipzig GmbH

A growing Catena-X network leads to added value: Started as alliance within the automotive industry, the Catena-X network has grown up to a total of 62 members including manufacturers and suppliers, trade associations and equipment suppliers, which include application, platform, and infrastructure providers. We significantly expand our international and cross-sectoral perspective and further increase our pioneering role in terms of data sovereignty and technology openness in the European industry and beyond. Data spaces lead to new international standard - this can only be achieved together.

About Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.

Catena-X sees itself as a rapidly scalable, data ecosystem in which all participants in the automotive value chain can participate equally. The goal: to provide an environment for the creation, operation and collaborative use of end-to-end data chains along the entire automotive value chain.

With the founding of the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. in May 2021, the activities around the development of common technological basics, requirements and standards for the data ecosystem are bundled in the association structure. As of today (November 18th, 2021), Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. has 62 members who are active as providers and users in the automotive value chain and cover a wide range of company sizes. A strong focus lies on the integration of SMEs.

The association is supplemented by a "workbench" - i.e. implementation-oriented projects that build a secure, interoperable and neutral technological basis as well as service offerings for the Catena-X digital ecosystem. As far as possible, development is based on open-source principles.

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