Release 3.0 - The foundation for the first Catena-X data space

With Release 3.0, Catena-X expands its offering to include standards for quality and circular economy applications, as well as compliance with the latest Gaia-X Trust Framework.

Over the past weeks, our experts have been working at full speed on new standards, reference implementations, and sovereignty guidelines. The result? The Catena-X Release 3.0. 

With this Release Catena-X complements the Release 2.0 offering.  Release 2.0 has been published in December 2022 with standards for further attractive use cases as well as the first industrial implementation of the Gaia-X Trust Framework 22.10. Now all building blocks fit together perfectly and form the basis for the first Catena-X data space. It can be used by our customers for the sovereign exchange of productive data, Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the board of Catena-X , and Rouven RĂ¼denauer, board member Catena-X for standardization and certification, are pleased. The industrialization of solutions and service offerings via our partners can now begin.

With the release 3.0 Catena-X takes the last step on the way to a comprehensive and global data space for the automotive industry. 22 standards, 16 of them new and 6 modified from release 2.0, have successfully passed the standardization process. Among the 22 standards are 15 data models, 3 business processes, 2 operational processes as well as a tooling and a rulebook. In addition, the nomenclature of the standards was standardized so that they can be better filtered and differentiated in the future. 

Furthermore, 37 standards from Release 2.0 and 3.0 have been extended to include the Addendum for Conformity Assessment. This addition marks an important step for the certification at Catena-X. But that is not all: Release 3.1 is already in preparation (05/2023). It will be published on our website and under the Eclipse Foundation after its final review. 

The new standards now enable interested parties to become active in the open and collaborative Catena-X data space themselves. 

Two standards are no longer available as of release 3.0: CX- 0024 Data Provisioning for Release 2 and CX - 0025 Traceability App for Release 2.   

We have compiled further information on standardization for you. Please also have a look at our standard library (only available in ENGLISH).

Last updated:: 10/14/2023