Milestones on the way to operations: Catena-X publishes Operating Model

Breaking News: WhitePaper Operating Model published and first standard available in our new Standard Library.

The last weeks have been filled with intensive work to define the foundations for the operating environment and establishing the first standards and reference implementations for the Catena-X data ecosystem.

The Working Group Operational Model has worked on defining the foundations for the operating environment of our data ecosystem. Our goal of enabling fair competition, innovation, and improved business conditions for all stakeholders within the ecosystem led them to setting up a decentralized structure: The operating model is based on the idea that there are multiple roles providing an attractive and fully functional ecosystem. Each provider can take on one or more roles in combination.  Read more about the recently published concept in the Catena-X Operating Model Whitepaper (downloaded available here). 

A second milestone has been prepared by the Technical Committee for Standardization which focused on implementing the first Catena-X standards and reference implementations. At the beginning of the process there are so-called standard candidates. These are solutions that have been developed either through development work in consortia or through collaboration between our association members. In total the Release 2.0 contains 29 technical documents, which are divided into 9 capabilities. Every quarter of the year there will be releases and consequently the work on standards continues. For further information, please visit the Website “Standardization” and our newly established Standard-Library

Companies are encouraged to hand in their interest, e.g., as providers of the core services, as providers of development services or as providers of concrete solutions for companies. Further informations on this will be published on our website soon. 

Last updated:: 11/15/2023