Governance Framework for Data Space Operations

Catena-X Releases Governance Framework for Traceability Use Case during Beta Phase.

Catena-X released its initial Governance Framework for data space operations in 05/2023.  This framework with its dedicated layers, will act as a guide and mutual foundation, all participants can rely on to ensure interoperability and therefore scalability. This framework outlines the requirements and responsibilities for all participants operating in the Catena-X Data Space or its dedicated Use Cases.

Our first publication defines the requirements for the "Traceability Use Case", as it is the essential building block for the upcoming beta phase. These legal guidelines focus on areas such as data usage policies, access policies, and the automated negotiation of data usage agreements between participants. Moreover, the Governance Framework provides clear guidance on the technical standards required for this use case, including semantic models, roles, rights, and APIs. By adhering to these requirements, stakeholders in the beta phase can better ensure their involvement in the Catena-X ecosystem is both compliant and effective.

"The publication of our Governance Framework for data space operations is unique and the crucial building block to ensure scalable and compliant data space operations," said Oliver Ganser, Chairman of the Board of Catena-X. "This Framework provides all stakeholders on all relevant layers of our data space with a clear and unified understanding of their legal obligations and responsibilities.

For further information on the Governance Framework for data space operations, please refer to the "Governance Framework" section of Catena-X's website. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Last updated:: 10/14/2023