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Catena-X-The joint entry into the network

New regulations, such as the Supply Chain Act, as well as the pressure on companies to be responsive, require new ways of collaboration with a high level of security. Based on sovereignty and standardization, Catena-X creates a network in which data exchange as well as the provision and use of value-added services is realized.   

Access to our network is centralized via the Catena-X Portal. With focus on usability, the portal integrates different Catena-X services on a suitable user interface. Participants get access to different services and business applications. As a trusted network, the Catena-X Portal has the ability to solve daily challenges quickly and easily.   

The Catena-X Portal establishes standardized approaches to participate and contribute to our network. Participants not only receive a transparent presentation of all offers and services, but also a resource-efficient connection to the value creation of the automotive industry. 

The Catena-X portal will be implemented by means of a customer-friendly connection process and a central identity and user management system. On the other hand, a marketplace for applications and data as well as a developer hub will serve for the realization. 

Connection to the Catena-X network

Participation in the Catena-X network begins with the initial registration of companies. This step is an essential part of the general onboarding process. The requirements for onboarding consist of a previous invitation and the company's identity confirmation.   

The invitation is used to verify company data. The data can be accessed automatically via the Business Partner Number (BPN) or added by manual entry. Additionally, responsibilities, such as administrator, within a company as well as the actual role of the company in the Catena-X network can be stored. This enables the participation of data and service providers as well as users.  

The initial registration is followed by the technical onboarding. This includes the mandatory selection of an identity provider (IdP). The identity provider stores and manages the digital identities of users. With the help of the digital identity, access can be managed very precisely. As part of the technical onboarding process, the company's own IdP can be connected with Catena-X. If required, the Eclipse Dataspace Connector (EDC) as well as existing connectors can be installed or registered. 

Catena-X App Marketplace

After successful registration and connection, participants gain access to the Catena-X marketplace. The aim of the marketplace is to provide a platform on which data or service providers and users are brought together. On the marketplace providers can offer their products or services transparently and securely. Furthermore, the marketplace offers customers or users a clear interface where they can get a simple and quick overview of the available offers.   

When the service is provided, ownership of the offers is not transferred to the marketplace operator but remains with the provider. This means that operation as well as support is the responsibility of the provider. 

Further functions, such as the purchase of applications, will be added soon.

Last revision: 24-05-22

This is a work result of the

Catena-X Automotive Network Consortium Project,

supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Funding code: 13IK004*



Julia  Jeroch

Julia Jeroch

Product Owner

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