Core Assets, Core Services and Solutions

The question of how Catena-X works and what holds the network basically together directs attention to the central components ("core assets") and core building blocks of the data ecosystem, which have a key function. They create the connections for data exchange and ensure access to the data ecosystem.   

The Eclipse Data Space Connector (EDC) is the essential key component to enable sovereign data exchange in the first place.  

An important building block in the Catena-X network is the portal, which enables access for all participants.   

Further insights into the development environment of Catena-X are provided by selected offers and solutions that are being created there, such as Business Partner Data Management (GPDM) and Item Relationship Service, which is being developed in the context of the "Sustainability" use case

This is a work result of the

Catena-X Automotive Network Consortium Project,

supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Funding code: 13IK004*