The Catena-X Working Groups

Working Group Operator Model

The goal of the Working Group Operator Model was it to define an operator model that will serve as the basis for the design of Catena-X system elements, operation and certification. The model shall serve as a basis for potential operators providing Catena-X certified and standardized services. 

Working Group Strategy, Transfer and Scaling

The Strategy, Transfer and Scaling Working Group coordinates the content developed within Catena-X and communicates it strategically to the various external and internal stakeholders in the sense of the network. It also acts as a first point of contact for all questions regarding Catena-X. 

Working Group Data Protection

The Working Group Data Protection implements applicable data protection law, defines and integrates data protection principles and, if necessary, specifications for implementation. 

Working Group Standardization

The Working Group Standardization develops standardization criteria for workbench and operator model offerings with respect to legal and financial frameworks, Gaia-X and IDS compliance, and consistent business processes, UI, and non-functional requirements. In the process, Standardization will be developed and the criteria will be legally tested. 

Working Group Certification

The task of the Certification Working Group is to establish the processes and legal framework for the certification of bids (03/04 2022) and operating companies (Q1/2022), as well as the assignment of a partner for the certification of Catena-X. 

Legal Notice

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