The future operating environment

In its role as a transfer and implementation initiative, Catena-X as a funding project will create the technical foundations and think ahead operations targeting that operating companies can be created in 2023. But neither the association nor any of the consortia will offer Catena-X for users or provide long-term support services. For this purpose, an ecosystem of providers will emerge who provide the operation and other services. They become the legal contractual partner for customers and thus form the basis for business use of the data ecosystem.

The operating companies will draw the technological results of the consortium and other research initiatives, which the association will standardize. A procedure for corresponding certification by the association is also being worked out. Standardization and certification will have the task of avoiding lock-in effects and ensuring that customers can switch smoothly between operating companies.

On this basis, the operating companies offer infrastructure, operation, their own services and applications in competition. In addition, they serve as platforms for other third-party services and applications.

Last revision: 13-06-22

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