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HMI 2023: Major Success for Catena-X

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Catena-X Opens for Business by starting Beta-Operations at Hannover Messe

Get ready to witness history in the making! Catena-X is about to enter its beta phase at the Hannover Messe 2023.

Get ready to witness history in the making! Catena-X is about to enter its beta phase at the Hannover Messe 2023. This was being achieved through collaboration with representatives from renowned corporations and medium-sized companies in the automotive industry. 

We’re collaboratively building the first Gaia-X compliant, open-source industry data space that facilitates multi-tier data exchange and collaboration across the automotive value chain. Using standardization, interoperability, and governance, we connect global players, creating the first-ever automotive data space. Discover our use cases, understand their value for your business, and explore the opportunities and requirements to join the Catena-X data space.  

Explore our content at the booth or online and join us in revolutionizing the automotive industry!

Catena-X Testimonials

Our Top Use Cases

Discover the advantages of Catena-X through our testimonial videos, showcasing companies that have taken the first step towards implementation. 

BPDM - Business Partner Data Management

Discover the Testimonial Video

Quality Management

Discover the Testimonial Video

Catena-X Entry Points

Onboarding with Cofinity-X

At our booth we will showcase Cofinity-X to demonstrate our industrialized operating model and how our standards enhance the value of our data space.  In the future, more companies will join the movement and aim to get certified with us. 

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The Catena-X Open Source Project

Our Entry Point: Tractus-X

Tractus-X is the official open-source project for the Catena-X ecosystem, offering developers an easy and strong entry point to participate in the Catena-X vision through a wide range of open-source solutions. We provide both core services and "toolboxes" around the Tractus-X project, which follows the Eclipse Foundation development process to build trust and collaboration. 

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Press Announcements

03/16/2023: Catena-X: Go-Live at the Hannover Messe 2023

04/04/2023: Data space opens at Hannover Messe




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Voices from HMI 2023

Catena-X is a collaborative effort

Thorsten Dikmann, Digital Product Passport Catena-X

Catena-X enters the beta phase

Nadine Kanja, Customer Relations at Cofinity-X

We are open for Business

Steffen Düring, Use Case Traceability at Catena-X

Catena-X at HMI 2023 at a glance